What better way to brighten up a day than a hand-tied bouquet of fresh  flowers? Enjoy a selection of seasonal blooms created for you.

 Choose weekly or monthly, (3mos, 6mos, or 12mos) duration at check-out. 

Please indicate start date for first delivery, subusiquent bouquets will be delivered every two weeks . (Approximate size, medium hand-tied bouquet.)


Bouquets can be picked up at our shop location, 6E Market Street, Red Hook, on Thursdays,

 or, we can deliver for an extra fee of $10 for each delivery on Thursdays.  

Flower Subscriptions

Excluding Sales Tax
Price Options
Medium Handtied Bouq
subscribe and save $5.00
$50.00monthly/ 3 months
Medium Handtied bouq
Subscribe and save $5
$50.00weekly/ 6 weeks